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Currency-Operated Amusement Games Providing customer-based entertainment since 1983

What type of business do you service?

Bars/Restaurants, Pool/Billiards Establishments, Bowling Alleys, Skating Rinks, Family Arcades, Bounce House Environments, Coffee Shops, Fraternal Orders (VFW/Elks/Moose), Hotels, Convenience and Grocery Stores, Truck Stops.

What kind of games and equipment do you have?

Pool Tables, Digital Juke Boxes, Golden Tee, Silver Strike Bowling, Power Putt, Foosball Tables, Ticket Redemption Games, Stuffed Animal Crane Games, Prize Merchandise Machines, Various Arcade Games, ATMs.

I didn't see my favorite game on the list. Can I make a request?

Sure! We will make every effort to provide your establishment with machines and equipment that will benefit both of us financially.

So how do I make money off of these machines?

After the initial setup and delivery of the equipment to your establishment, a dedicated route collector will stop by on a routine basis. Once the collector has removed all currency from the machines, we will share the gross income with you at a rate that is established prior to our delivering the machines.

What about any hidden fees?

Digital Juke Boxes and arcade games that require internet connectivity will incur small fees based on frequency of play and mandatory digital updates and upgrades. Some of our equipment that is considered "deluxe" may incur a daily maintenance minimum fee before we are able to share revenue. Your account representative will cover any and all fees prior to placing your equipment.

How do I know how much revenue each machine is earning?

We provide you with an itemized collection ticket following each collection period.

Do I have to purchase and replace the stuffed animals and prizes inside the crane and merchandise games?

Not at all. We will maintain an appropriate inventory of product to ensure that your prize machines always look fresh and full. A percentage of earnings on these machines cover the cost of replacing the merchandise.

Do you have machines that dispense tickets redeemable for prizes? How does that work?

Yes! These machines are extremely popular and profitable. A customer plays a fun skill game capable of dispensing tickets. The customer can then exchange their tickets for prizes on display at your establishment. One of the keys to success is to have a very organized redemption center. The redemption center is the merchandise counter and general display area where the customers take their tickets and exchange them for prizes.

How does my establishment supply merchandise for our prize redemption area?

We suggest purchasing the merchandise from one of our preferred vendors. Our staff will assist you in this process from start to finish. Contact us for more details.

Can I have a key to access the pool table?

As a company policy, we do not distribute keys or grant access to the inside of our equipment.

What if my (pool table, juke box, etc) is not working on a busy night?

Give us a call! We provide a dedicated team of experienced service technicians to assist with emergencies 7 days a week.

Do you provide cues and balls for the pool tables?

Absolutely! We also provide replacement equipment at no charge.

I keep hearing about the VNEA Pool League. How do I get my establishment involved?

We are the exclusive charter holder in this area for this prestigious league. By choosing our company to supply your pool tables, your establishment is entitled to host teams for this league. Check out the Wilmington group facebook page or contact us for more details. You can also check out their national site at www.vnea.com.

How long does it take to get the machines delivered?

Generally 2-4 weeks. We like to give ourselves as much prep time as possible. This allows us to better provide you with the best equipment and time required to do the job right. Larger arcades and special deluxe equipment may take a little longer.

Do you sell games for home use?

While we specialize in supplying games for consumer based businesses, we may from time to time have a surplus inventory we offer for sale to the public. Check our website often to look for games available to purchase for home use.