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Currency-Operated Amusement Games Providing customer-based entertainment since 1983

We are truly vested in our clients and the success of their business.

We set the pace in servicing coin-operated equipment, which is why other operators look to Southland to repair or maintain their equipment.

Partnering with Southland gives you access to today's most reliable and modern entertainment equipment, exceptional customer service, and an unparalleled dedication to keeping you and your business in the game.

One of our knowledgeable account representatives will personally assess your location, customer base and needs, to properly determine what will best benefit you and your business. We‘ll tailor entertainment options specifically for your establishment and help guide you as to the best optimal placement for your choices.

Remember, we don’t make money unless you do!

What We Offer

About Play Southland

Based out of Wilmington, NC, Play Southland (also known as Southland Amusements & Vending) offers a full line of coin-operated games to suit most any businesses needs and has been an industry leader in the amusement and gaming trade since 1983.

With highly trained and experienced staff, we not only assess your location for the best entertainment solutions, but will continue to help your business grow by offering hands-on marketing tools to increase foot traffic and boost revenue.

Whether you're looking for specific equipment or simply have questions about how Southland can help advance your business, we are happy to help!

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